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This online resource was designed to provide you with dining options and restaurant information in Paris, France.
Whether you want French, Italian, Asian, Seafood, traditional bistro, or traditional French, you can find it in Paris.
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Paris boasts thousands of restaurants to choose from.


Au Bon Accueil

14, rue de Monttessuy, Paris, France 75007 · 1-47-05-46-11
7ème ARRONDISSEMENT. With the name meaning "Good Welcome," you know you will be well received at Au Bon Accueil. The bistro is quickly rising in popularity. Maitre d'hotel Dominique Giorza will assist you in all your translation needs, as he is fluent in both English and Italian. You will find that entrees depend on the season; some examples are dishes made with skatefish or baby pig. The desserts are sinful and impossible to pass up! METRO: Alma-Marceau

Bistrot de l'Etoile Troyon

13, rue Troyon, Paris, France 75017 · 1-42-67-25-95
17ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Chef Guy Savoy welcomes you to his bistro! You will find typical bistro cuisine with Savoy's own special touch to create unique dishes such as soup of puréed white beans with cream and chicken stock or baked fillet of mullet with spinach and celery covered in a velouté sauce. You can choose a glass of wine to accent your meal from their wine list, which is not lengthy but contains some great selections. METRO: Charles de Gaulle-Etoile

L'Avant Gout

26, rue Bobillot, Paris, France 75013 · 1-53-80-24-00
13ème ARRONDISSEMENT. You won't find this bistro in the middle of the bustling city, but you will find exquisite French food for reasonable prices at L'Avant Gout. Chef Chistophe Beaufront adds his own creative touch to an already delicious menu to make a dining experience you will never forget! Try sea bass with creamy celery root and almonds, and you will be hooked on French cuisine! The desserts are homemade, so don't pass up the chance for a savory treat! METRO: Place d'Italie

Au Moulin a Vent "Chez Henri"

20, rue des Fossés-St-Bernard, Paris, France 75005 · 1-43-54-99-37
5ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Au Moulin a Vent "Chez Henri" is a very popular restaurant in Paris. It is famous for all of its meat dishes. You can have beef prepared in just about any way you can imagine. Try the entrecôte (rib eye) or try one of their most popular dishes, the boeuf a la ficelle (a fillet of beef quickly cooked in boiling water). Prices range from 120 francs to 200 francs. METRO: Jussieu

L'Epi Dupin

11, rue Dupin, Paris, France 75006 · 1-42-22-64-56
6ème ARRONDISSEMENT. You are likely to find a bustling crowd at L'Epi Dupin at lunchtime, whereas evenings are somewhat quieter. Whatever time of day, this bistro is always packed with anxious customers awaiting another extraordinary meal from chef François Pasteau. He is famous for his fillet of lamb with ratatouille and citrus and chestnut lillet chaudfroid. With a price-fixed menu, you can't go wrong! METRO: Sèvres-Babylone

Le Violon D'Ingres

135, rue Saint-Dominique, Paris, France 75007 · 1-45-55-15-05
7ème ARRONDISSEMENT. This bistro is elegant in all respects. The simple decor boasts a sophisticated air but maintains a comfortable feel. Famous chef Christian Constant devotes his love and time to his bistro and satisfies his customers beyond measure. Be sure to try the cream of pumpkin soup with sheep cheese or the guinea fowl with turnip choucroute. METRO: Ecole-Militaire

Les Brezolles

6ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Les Brezolles is the home of renowned chef Jean Paul Duquesnoy. This is not your typical bistro with huge portions and rushed service, but you will still find delightful food. The changing menu will satisfy both fish and meat lovers. The only stationary entree is "Les Brezolles," a dish that contains veal served in terrine with Parma ham and chestnuts alongside potato cakes. The crème brûlée is some of the best you'll find! METRO: St-Sulpice

Restaurant D'Eric Frechon

10, rue du Général Brunet, Paris, France 75019 · 1-40-40-03-30
19ème ARRONDISSEMENT. For exquisite bistro cuisine at affordable prices, you must try Restaurant d'Eric Frechon. Frechon is a young chef whose talent already outshines many others, and he promises great things to come. The incredible roast turkey or Scottish salmon in jelly should not be passed up. You will be served a four-course meal, closing with a delectable dessert! METRO: Botzaris/Danube


20, rue Saint-Martin, Paris, France 75004 · 1-42-72-25-76
4ème ARRONDISSEMENT. You won't find anything fancy at Benoit, but you will find good traditional French cuisine. Owned by Monsieur and Madame Petit, who serve popular dishes such as chicken cooked in a salt crust and cassoulet with fresh beans. The service is reserved, and you can expect to pay around 500 francs. However, you may find that this bistro is a true experience of the real France.

Chez L'Ami Louis

32, rue du Vertbois, Paris, France 75003 · 1-48-87-77-48
3ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Established in 1924, Chez L'Ami Louis is still a great place for a delicious meal. Don't let the building's aging appearance fool you, for this restaurant is known for its great traditional French fare such as lamb cut French-style with grain. The quaint and simplistic interior decor induces a comfortable and friendly environment.

Chez Maitre Paul

12, rue Monsieur le Prince, Paris, France 75006 · 1-43-54-74-59
6ème ARRONDISSEMENT. You will feel most welcome in Chez Maitre Paul. They are known for their free-range chicken dishes, and the entrees made in Arbois wine have always been a favorite. You will find a menu full of regional dishes and wines from which to make your selection. After enjoying a delicious dinner, top it off with a savory dessert such as chocolate fondant or walnut meringue. Reservations are recommended.

Chez Michel

10, rue de Belzunce, Paris, France 75010 · 1-44-53-06-20
10ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Young chef Thierry Breton adds a creative flair to traditional French recipes. Despite the fact that he is relatively new, his popularity is growing quickly. Try the in-season game dish or lasagna with layered terrine of chévre and artichoke hearts. The decor is simple, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the prices are very reasonable. METRO: Gare du Nord/Poissonnière

Chez Pauline

5, rue Villédo, Paris, France 75001 · 1-42-96-20-70
1er ARRONDISSEMENT. Chez Pauline is extravagantly decorated in a style that mirrors the past. André Génin prepares authentic French dishes definitely worth trying, including a feuilleté with snails and oyster mushrooms or the roast Bresse chicken. There is a great selection of savory desserts to finish off your meal! You should expect to pay up to 220 francs. Reservations are recommended. METRO: Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre/Pyramides


Blue Elephant

43, rue de la Roquette, Paris, France 75011 · 1-47-00-42-00
11ème ARRONDISSEMENT. With 17 chefs, the Blue Elephant serves the closest thing in Paris to actual Thai food. The chicken soufflé in banana leaves and coconuts smothered in tamarin sauce steals the spotlight at this restaurant. The menu indicates how intense the spices are in each selection. The waitstaff is eager to please you. Ladies, you will be handed a complimentary orchid on your way out, as the Blue Elephant's way of saying "thank you." METRO: Bastille


9, rue du Mont Thabor, Paris, France 75001 · 1-42-60-65-07
8ème ARRONDISSEMENT. This restaurant is known in Paris for having some of the best Japanese around. Mr. Kinugawa runs Kinugawa's sushi bar, which is one of the most popular in town. Definitely worth a try! Other popular dishes include beef slices with ginger or teriyaki salmon. The relaxed atmosphere will delight you as you sit back and enjoy a delicious Japanese meal! METRO: Tuileries




3, rue Vasco-de-Gama, Paris, France 75015 · 1-45-57-27-27
15ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Though the restaurant may look simple from the outside, you will find delicious French fare on the inside. Chef Lulu cheerfully cooks up some savory traditional French dishes. Try the braised veal with rice for a main course and the caramel ice cream for dessert. Friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

L'Os a Moelle

20, rue des Fossés-St-Bernard, Paris, France 75005 · 1-43-54-99-37
15ème ARRONDISSEMENT. With a fixed price menu, prices usually stay fairly reasonable at L'Os a Moelle. Chef Thierry Faucher prepares a different six-course meal every day. There is no choice offered on the menu, but with young Faucher's potential it is likely that you won't need any! This is a popular place for the young, professional crowd.

Le Cartet

62, rue de Malte, Paris, France 75011 · 1-48-05-17-65
11ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Located near the place de République, Le Cartet has been pleasing guests for years. The genuine staff offers you a warm welcome and a good meal. The simplistic decor subtracts nothing from your dining experience. Try the terrines for which this bistro is known. METRO: République


20, rue Saint-Martin, Paris, France 75004 · 1-42-72-25-76
4ème ARRONDISSEMENT. You won't find anything fancy at Benoit, but you will find good traditional French cuisine. Owned by Monsieur and Madame Petit, who serve popular dishes such as chicken cooked in a salt crust and cassoulet with fresh beans. The service is reserved, and you can expect to pay around 500 francs. However, you may find that this bistro is a true experience of the real France. METRO: Châtelet

Chez Maitre Paul

12, rue Monsieur le Prince, Paris, France 75006 · 1-43-54-74-59

6ème ARRONDISSEMENT. You will feel most welcome in Chez Maitre Paul. They are known for their free-range chicken dishes, and the entrees made in Arbois wine have always been a favorite. You will find a menu full of regional dishes and wines from which to make your selection. After enjoying a delicious dinner, top it off with a savory dessert such as chocolate fondant or walnut meringue. Reservations are recommended. METRO: Odéon

Le Filoche

34, rue du Laos, Paris, France 75015 · 1-45-66-44-60
15ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Serge Filoche and his charming wife look forward to welcoming you to Le Filoche. They serve traditional French classics in a relaxed and friendly environment. Try the veal sweetbreads or any number of well-known fish entrees such as sea bass. Prices are reasonable. METRO: Cambronne/La Motte-Picquet-Grenelle

FRENCH TRADITIONAL....................

Alain Ducasse

59, avenue Raymond Poincaré, Paris, France 75116 · 1-47-27-12-27
16ème ARRONDISSEMENT. France is indeed proud of Alain Ducasse. Recipient of his country’s first Michelin six-star chef award, Ducasse has been hailed as a genius of haute French cuisine. Expect upper scale prices at Alain Ducasse, with dishes such as roast lamb beaded with dried fruit, duckling wrapped in fig leaves and cauliflower creamed with caviar. Try an accompanying wine from a list considered to be one of the best in Paris. Jacket is required. Reservations suggested. METRO: Trocadéro/Victor Hugo


15, place Vendôme, Paris, France 75041 · 1-43-16-30-80
1er ARRONDISSEMENT. Located in the world-renowned Ritz Hotel, this fabulous eatery features some of the best traditional dining options in the city. Specialties include mosaic of sea bass with mustard seeds and frisson of chocolate and mandarins. Perfect service and premium wine list complete the overall excellent dining experience. Reservations are highly recommended. Business dressy attire. METRO: Concorde/Opéra

La Tour L'Argent

15-17, quai de la Tournelle, Paris, France 75005 · 1-43-54-23-31
5ème ARRONDISSEMENT. World-renowned for unforgettable haute cuisine, this restaurant also affords diners the opportunity to enjoy the unbelievable view of Notre Dame. Starting with apéritifs in the ground floor dining room to the main course in the top floor dining room, lunch or dinner here is truly remarkable. Duck prepared without imitation, scallop salad with truffles and large lobsters splashed with citrus vinaigrette are just a few of the luxuries on the seasonal menu. The wine list is considered to be one of the best on the globe. Jacket and tie required. Reservations highly recommended.

Le Grand Vefour

17, rue de Beaujolais, Paris, France 75001 · 1-42-96-56-27
1er ARRONDISSEMENT. Under the arches of Palais Royal, Chef Guy Martin creates masterpieces in a restaurant described as one of the most beautiful in Paris. Historically, a favorite spot for the French elite; imagine Napoleon and Jean Cocteau here. Dine on foie gras stuffed ravioli or oysters poached in a sauce of beetroot. Exquisite wines to accompany dinner.  Jacket and tie required. Reservations highly recommended. METRO: Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre

Le Regence

25, avenue Montaigne, Paris, France 75008 · 1-53-67-5-00
8ème ARRONDISSEMENT. The Hôtel Plaza-Athénée is the home for this elegantly stylish restaurant. The decor gives you an ethereal feel with sparkling chandeliers that lead you out to a beautiful, lush flower garden. Eggplants slow cooked with Asian flavors or roasted peaches afloat in a syrup of pineapple and lavender. Pinch yourself, for this is real. Reservations recommended. Business dressy. METRO: Alma Marceau/Franklin D. Roosevelt

Les Ambassadeurs

10, place de la Concorde, Paris, France 75008 · 1-44-71-16-16
8ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Nestled in the famous Crillon Hotel, Les Ambassadeurs is an ethereal dining journey on several levels. First, the restaurant affords the best view in the city, overlooking the place de la Concorde and the National Assembly. Mirrored walls, chandeliers, crystal, silver, fresh roses and a heavenly painted 20 foot ceiling combine to offer you a luxury seldom seen and often remembered. The waitstaff is polished and discreet. The wine list is extensive, and, oh yes, the food! Crispy potato pancake topped with smoked salmon, whipped cream and caviar or buttery scallops wrapped in bacon flecked with tomato and basil. It is all well worth every franc. Jacket and tie required. Reservations highly suggested.


15, rue Lamennais, Paris, France 75008 · 1-44-95-15-01
8ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Voted #1 for food, service and popularity, Taillevent will be a dining experience to remember. Known for their extensive, award-winning wine list and excellent French cuisine. Specialties change seasonally. Try braised beef with cumin fragranced carrots or pistachio crusted sea bass with fennel sauce. The selection of dessert pastries is famous in its own right. Jacket is required. Reservations are essential.



107, rue de l'Université, Paris, France 75007 · 1-45-51-91-96
7ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Locals go for exceptionally fresh seafood, the unique decor outfitted as a yacht would be, and a most celebrated wine cellar. Try one of the most popular specials, lobster with pan fried duck foie gras and iced cognac soufflé. Reservations recommended. Business dressy. METRO: Invalides

La Maree

1, rue Daru, Paris, France 75008 · 1-43-80-20-00
8ème ARRONDISSEMENT. The only decor needed in this spare dining establishment is the fabulous 17th century Flemish tapestries. The fresh seafood more often than not is in a glorious sauce creation. There is a seemingly infinite selection of wine choices (over 900), especially whites. Reservations recommended. Business dressy. METRO: Ternes

Le Dome

108, boulevard du Montparnasse, Paris, France 75014 · 1-43-35-25-81
14ème ARRONDISSEMENT. The seafood restaurant of choice for most Left Bankers, artsy types and intellectuals. Fresh and select oysters, bouillabaisse rumored to be the best in the city, and fresh catches du jour. The decor's not elaborate, but no one care as all eyes are on the food. Reservations recommended. Business dressy. METRO: Vavin

Maison Prunier

16, avenue Victor Hugo, Paris, France 75016 · 1-44-17-35-85
16ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Your choice of a marbled oyster bar on the main level or the more luxurious dining room upstairs in this 70-year-old dining establishment. Recently reopened after a five million dollar renovation. The art deco mosaics and burled wood will leave you awestruck, as will the innovative dishes such as grilled turbot with sauce béarnaise and shellfish in a cream and mussel broth. Reservations recommended. Business dressy. METRO: Charles de Gaulle-Etoile

Port Alma

10, avenue de New York, Paris, France 75016
16ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Madame and Monsieur Canal welcome you to their charming and elegant seafood restaurant located just across the Seine. An excellent view of the Eiffel Tower for those lucky enough to sit at a window table. The cuisine reflects Monsieur Canal's origins in that part of France closest to Spain. Specialties include turbot with thyme and sea bass in crusted salt with fennel. Reservations recommended. Business dressy.

Au Panetier Le Bon

10, place des Petits-Peres, Paris, France 75002 · 1-42-60-90-23

2ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Bernard Lebon still owns a wood oven built in 1890, and he continues to bake his high-demand bread in the wood oven. His day starts at 5am, and he concentrates solely on perfecting his bread for the customers that stand in line. His sourdough baguettes are the best in town. You should also try the St-Fiacre, a favorite from among his white breads.

Boulangerie Gisquet

64, rue Saint-Dominique, Paris, France 75007 · 1-45-51-70-46
If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place to come! It is Boulangerie Gisquet's desserts that have made it famous. The most popular by far are the black forest cake and almond croissants. Delicious stop while touring the city!


125, rue Saint-Honoré, Paris, France 75001 · 1-45-08-03-59
1ere ARRONDISSEMENT. People rave about Philippe Gosselin's baguettes! He takes such care to bake each to perfection. You should also try his rye bread and white bread. If you have a sweet tooth, Gosselin has a selection of chocolate and fruit cakes that are simply delightful! METRO: Louvre-Rivoli

Moulin de la Vierge

105, rue Vercingetroix, Paris, France 75014 · 1-45-43-09-84
14ème ARRONDISSEMENT. A rich array of breads and pastries to suit your fancy! Among Monsieur Kamir's most popular breads are his scrumptious sourdough, his delicious golden country bread, and fougasse (bread with a crispy outer shell stuffed with some delightful filling!). You must sample some of his pastries! The favorites are the canelés, a sweet, small butter cake.

Rene-Gerard de St-Ouen

111, boulevard Haussmann, Paris, France 75008 · 1-42-65-06-25
8ème ARRONDISSEMENT. You will be tickled with Rene-Gerard de St-Ouen's prize-winning breads! Not only are they delicious, but they are fun, too! He shapes his bread as anything from cats to the Eiffel Tower. Some favorites include rye bread with walnuts, raisin and nut bread, and, of course, the baguettes! METRO: Miromesnil

FINE ITALIAN....................................

Chez Vicent

5, rue du Tunnel, Paris, France 75019 · 1-42-02-22-45
19ème ARRONDISSEMENT. Chez Vincent is a small, cozy Italian restaurant whose interior is sparsely decorated but has much to offer in lieu of decoration. The friendly waitstaff will more than make you feel welcome, and you will find that the food here is deliciously satisfying! It is run by a small group of Italians who aim to please. Reservations are strongly recommended. METRO: Botzaris/Buttes-Chaumont


47, rue de l'Arbre Sec, Paris, France 75001 · 1-42-60-90-66
15ème ARRONDISSEMENT. This is the place to go to get good Italian food without paying high prices for it. The food is fabulous with the most popular dishes including risotto with lobster or pasta with scallops. Or, you can always go for the traditional spaghetti dish. Whatever your choice, you will find that the chefs at Fellini really know how to cook Italian cuisine! METRO: Louvre-Rivoli

La Romantica

73, boulevard Jean Jaurès, Clichy, France 92110 · 1-47-37-29-71
This charming Italian restaurant houses amiable chef Claudio Puglia. He will not only cook you a good meal; he will also tell you a good story. The setting is romantic, as the name implies, with a warm fireplace for cool evenings and an outside terrace for warm spring days. Try the ravioli and ricotta in veal juice or risotto with beef marrow and saffron with a Milanese flair! METRO: Mairie-de-Clichy

Le Grand Venise
171, rue de la Convention, Paris, France 75015 · 1-45-32-49-71
15ème ARRONDISSEMENT. You are guaranteed not to leave hungry if you dine at Le Grand Venise. You will be served grand portions of fine Italian food. Fresh flowers adorn the interior of the restaurant, creating an extra comfortable environment. The service is friendly and efficient. The prices match the great quantity of food served. METRO: Convention


4, rue du Général Lanrezac, Paris, France 75017 · 1-43-80-13-91
17ème ARRONDISSEMENT. The decor of Sormani is imitative of an ancient Italian city. The food is exquisite. The chef adds his own special touch to create extraordinary dishes such as goat's cheese ravioli with black truffles, mushrooms with bacon and garlic bread, or Neapolitan osso-bucco. Expect to pay for the fine quality of the meal. METRO: Charles de Gaulle-Etoile

I Golosi

6, rue de la Grange-Batelière, Paris, France 75009 · 1-48-24-18--63
9ème ARRONDISSEMENT. This Italian restaurant is known in Paris for its delicious menu. The menu changes every week to offer the widest possible variety of exquisite Italian dishes. You will be greeted with friendly service that will make your dining experience a pleasure. METRO: Richelieu-Drouot


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